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Are you a University Staff, Lecturer, Head or Manager and you have the website information to publish? Kindly register first and log in to submit your information to the PR Office. The information may include a notice, news article, research and publications, conference, download files and more.

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  • After you have logged in, fill in the content form and submit (Submit Ticket). Please note that this platform doesn’t allow certain file formats.
  • You can attach up to 20 files which shouldn’t include scanned documents.
  • We highly recommend word-based text files for easy content management.
  • After you have submitted your information, it will go through the PR Office which will approve it for the Web Office (DICTS) to upload it on the respective website.
  • Note: We are using the word “Ticket” to bring out the aspect of online and automated support.

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You can directly call the Web Master in case you encounter any technical issues. Also, acquire the content guide to help you with the formulation of your department content.